The new scroll (Jer 36:28-36:29)

“Take another scroll!

Write on it

All the former words

That were in the first scroll

That King Jehoiakim

Of Judah

Has burned.

Concerning King Jehoiakim

Of Judah

You shall say.

‘Thus says Yahweh.

You have dared

To burn this scroll!


‘Why have you written in it

That the king of Babylon

Will certainly come?

Why have you written in it

That he will destroy

This land?

Why have you written in it

That he will cut off

Human beings

With animals from it?’”

Yahweh then told Jeremiah to take a new scroll and rewrite the same thing again that Baruch had written earlier. Yahweh wanted Jeremiah to ask the king himself why he dared to burn this scroll. Obviously, the king of Judah was upset because the scroll said that the king of Babylon was going to come and destroy the land of Judah with all the humans and animals in it.