The mystery of God (Col. 1:26)

“This mystery

Has been hidden

Throughout the ages

And generations,

But has now

Been revealed

To his saints.”

τὸ μυστήριον τὸ ἀποκεκρυμμένον ἀπὸ τῶν αἰώνων καὶ ἀπὸ τῶν γενεῶν— νῦν δὲ ἐφανερώθη τοῖς ἁγίοις αὐτοῦ,

Paul said, “This mystery (τὸ μυστήριον) has been hidden (τὸ ἀποκεκρυμμένον) throughout the ages (ἀπὸ τῶν αἰώνων) and generations (καὶ ἀπὸ τῶν γενεῶν), but has now been revealed (νῦν δὲ ἐφανερώθη) to his saints (τοῖς ἁγίοις αὐτοῦ).”  This is similar to Ephesians, chapter 3:9 where Paul said, “I was to make everyone see (καὶ φωτίσαι) what is the plan (τίς ἡ οἰκονομία) of the hidden mystery (τοῦ μυστηρίου τοῦ ἀποκεκρυμμένου) for ages (ἀπὸ τῶν αἰώνων) in God (ἐν τῷ Θεῷ), who created all things (τῷ τὰ πάντα κτίσαντι).”  Paul explained that his role was to enlighten or help others see the hidden mysterious plan of God that had been concealed for centuries.  Paul was going to reveal to others this plan of God for them.  Paul maintained that God’s mystery or the secrets about God had been hidden for years and through the various generations.  However, now it was going to be revealed to the holy followers of Jesus Christ.  Paul indicated that Jesus Christ unlocked a number of mysteries about God that had been hidden from the past generations of Israelites.  Once you accepted Jesus Christ, a whole series of things were revealed about God and his Son, Jesus Christ.  Have you ever tried to understand God’s hidden mysteries?

Experiential Faith

Christianity is an encounter within human experience.  We push out towards the horizon, the boundary between earth and sky, the mystery of God.  We seem to get to that horizon, but then it eludes us.  We get glimpses of God in this horizon experience.  You always know that there is more, and so it is with the friendship of Jesus.  This is an active faith that goes beyond understanding, feeling and experience to a way of life.  Experience is at the heart of all belief.  We all have had a personal development to our faith.  We live our discipleship of Jesus in justice, love, and healing, as our faith springs into action.