The money for the repair of the temple of Yahweh (2 Kings 12:9-12:16)

“Then priest Jehoiada took a chest. He made a hole in its lid. Then he set it beside the altar on the right side as one entered the house of Yahweh. The priests who guarded the threshold put in it all the money that was brought into the house of Yahweh. Whenever they saw that there was a great deal of money in the chest, the king’s secretary and the high priest came up. They counted the money that was found in the house of Yahweh and tied it up in bags. They would give the money that was weighed out into the hands of the workers who had the oversight of the house of Yahweh. Then they paid it out to the carpenters and the builders who worked upon the house of Yahweh. They paid it out to the masons and the stonecutters. They would buy timber and quarried stone for making repairs on the house of Yahweh. This would take care of any other outlay for the repairs of the house. But for the house of Yahweh no one made basins of silver, snuffers, bowls, trumpets, or any vessels of gold, or of silver, from the money that was brought into the house of Yahweh. The donated money was given to the workers who were repairing the house of Yahweh with it. They did not ask an accounting from those men into whose hand they delivered the money to pay out to the workers. They dealt honestly. The money from the guilt offerings and the money from the sin offerings were not brought into the house of Yahweh. It belonged to the priests.”

Jehoiada, the priest, had an idea to leave a chest with a hole in top on the right side of the altar. All the money that was given to the temple went into this chest. Thus we have the first instance of a collection basket placed at the altar. When the money chest got full, the secretary and the high priest came in and counted the money and put it into bags. So far this sounds like a good idea. Then they gave the money to the people who had the oversight of the repairs. They were to pay the workers and materials for this work. However, no money was spent on the basins, gold and silver vessels, or trumpets. There also was no accounting for the money. They just acted in good faith. However, the guilt offerings and sin offering money went directly to the priests.