Jeremiah’s prayerful response (Jer 11:20-11:20)

“But you!

Yahweh of hosts!

You judge righteously

Those who try the heart,

Those who try the mind.

Let me see

Your retribution upon them!

I have committed my cause

To you.”

This prayerful response of Jeremiah is addressed to Yahweh. He knew that Yahweh judged righteously the hearts and the minds of all people. Thus Jeremiah wanted retribution to come to those who had plotted against him. However, he was committing his cause to Yahweh, to let him do as he pleased.


David wants Yahweh to establish the righteous (Ps 7:9-7:11)

“O let the evil of the wicked come to an end!

Establish the righteous!

You who test the minds and hearts!

O righteous God!

My shield is with God.

God saves the upright in heart.

God is a righteous judge.

God has indignation every day.”

David wanted the reign of the evil wicked ones to come to an end. David wanted God to establish the righteous one. He knows how to test the minds and hearts of people. David had his shield with his righteous God. God would save the upright in heart because he was righteous despite his daily indignation.

Job wants assurances from God (Job 17:3-17:5)

“Lay down a pledge for me with yourself.

Who is there that will give surety for me?

Since you have closed their minds to understanding,

Therefore, you will not let them triumph.

Those who denounce friends for a reward,

May the eyes of their children fail!

Job wanted assurances from God, a pledge. Who was going to bail him out or give him surety out of this situation? Since God had closed the minds of those around him, he did not want them to triumph. Anyone who denounced friends for a reward should have blind children. This was some kind of ancient proverb. Job, despite his despair, was not going to take this lying down.