The list of the priests returning (Ezra 2:36-2:39)

“The priests were the descendents of Jedaiah, of the house of Jeshua, nine hundred seventy-three. The descendents of Immer were one thousand fifty-two. The descendents of Pashhur were one thousand two hundred forty-seven. The descendents of Harim were one thousand seventeen.”

Here there are only 4 groups of priests rather than 24 that where in 1 Chronicles, chapter 24. However, there numbers are very large. The Jedaiah group, that was the 2nd division, had 973. The Immer group, that was the 16th division, had 1,052. The Pashhur group had 1,247. The descendents of Harim are mentioned in a larger number here, 1,017 than the 320 in the Harim group in the preceding paragraph.