A home for wisdom (Sir 24:8-24:12)

“Then the Creator of all things

Gave me a command.

My Creator chose the place for my tent.

He said.

‘Make your dwelling in Jacob.

In Israel

Receive your inheritance.’

Before the ages,

In the beginning,

He created me.

For all the ages,

I shall not cease to be.

In the holy tent

I ministered before him.

I was established in Zion.

Thus in the beloved city,

He gave me a resting place.

In Jerusalem

Was my domain.

I took root in an honored people.

They are the portion of the Lord,

His heritage.”

Continuing with wisdom speaking, Sirach has her find a new home in the land of Jacob and Israel, even more specifically at Zion in Jerusalem. The Creator God commands wisdom where to put her tent. Wisdom was definitely created, but before time began. She too would have an eternal existence that never ended. In this holy tent at Zion, she ministered to God as if she were a Levitical priest. Beloved Jerusalem was her resting place. She was rooted in this honored people of Israel, the Lord’s portion, and his heritage.