It is hard to kill the Leviathan (Job 41:25-41:29)

“When it raises itself up

The gods are afraid;

At the crashing they are beside themselves.

Although the sword reaches it,

It does not avail.

Although the spear reaches it,

It does not avail.

Although the dart reaches it,

It does not avail.

Although the javelin reaches it,

It does not avail.

It counts iron as straw.

It counts bronze as rotten wood.

The arrow cannot make it flee.

Sling stones are turned to chaff.

Clubs are counted as chaff.

It laughs at the rattle of javelins.”

Even the gods are afraid of the Leviathan. No matter what you use, you cannot kill the Leviathan. The sword, the spear, the dart, and the javelin are useless against it. Iron is like straw, while bronze is like rotten wood. Arrows have no effect. Stones and clubs are turned into useless dried out grain. The Leviathan laughs at spears and javelins.

Yahweh questions Job about cavalry horses (Job 39:19-39:25)

“Do you give the horse its might?

Do you clothe its neck with strength?

Do you make it leap like the locust?

Its majestic snorting is terrible.

It paws violently.

It exults mightily.

It goes out to meet the weapons.

It laughs at fear.

It is not dismayed.

It does not turn back from the sword.

Upon it rattle the quiver.

Upon it rattle the flashing spear.

Upon it rattle the javelin.

With fierceness and rage it swallows the ground.

It cannot stand still at the sound of the trumpet.

When the trumpet sounds,

It says.


From a distance it smells the battle.

From a distance it hears the thunder of the captains.

From a distance it hears the shouting.”

Yahweh asked Job if he gave strength to the cavalry horses. These horses snort and paw on their way to meet the weapons of war, the quiver, the spear, and the javelin. They love the sound of the trumpets. They smell a battle as they love the shouting. The cavalry horses had a special role. They were part of the ancient industrial military complex, the fighting horses.