The high priest Onias prays for the life of Heliodorus (2 Macc 3:31-3:34)

“Some of Heliodorus’ friends quickly begged Onias to call upon the Most High in order to grant life to one who was lying almost at his last breath. The high priest, fearing that the king might get the notion that some foul play had been perpetrated by the Jews with regard to Heliodorus, offered sacrifice for the man’s recovery. While the high priest was making an atonement sacrifice, the same young men appeared again to Heliodorus dressed in the same clothing. They stood and said.

‘Be very grateful to Onias the high priest,

Since for his sake

The Lord has granted you your life.

See that you,

Who have been scourged by heaven,

Report to all people

The majestic power of God.’

Having said this they vanished.”

Some of the friends of Heliodorus begged Onias to call upon God to grant him life as he was nearly on his last breath. The high priest Onias thought that this was a good idea. He did not want the king to think that the Jews had killed Heliodorus with foul play when he merely came to investigate some money problems. He then offered sacrifices for Heliodorus. Then the same 3 men who had appeared when they kicked and wiped Heliodorus to near death appeared again. This time they spoke, unlike last time when they simply acted. They told Heliodorus to be thankful that the high priest Onias had prayed for him. The Lord was going to save his life. In return, Heliodorus was to tell all people about the majestic power of God. When they were finished, they disappeared. Thus the 3 mysterious men reappear to save the life of Heliodorus.