The useless worship of God (Mal 3:14-3:15)

“You have said.

‘It is vain

To serve God.

What do we profit

By keeping his commands?

What do we profit

By walking

As mourning

Before Yahweh of hosts?

Now we count the arrogant


Evildoers not only prosper,

But when they put God

To the test,

They escape.’”

The people of Israel were saying that it was useless to worship God.  What did they gain by keeping his commandments?  How did it help them by walking around mourning before Yahweh?  The arrogant ones were the happy ones.  The evildoers not only prospered, but when they defied God, they escaped.  What was the value of their Yahweh worship?

The happy ones (Ps 146:5-146:6)

“Happy are those whose help is

The God of Jacob.

Happy are those whose hope is

In Yahweh,

Their God.

He made heaven

He made the earth.

He made the sea,

He made all that is in them.

He keeps faith forever.”

The happy people are those who trust in the God of Jacob. They are the ones who trust in Yahweh as their God. Yahweh has made heaven, earth, the sea, and everything that is in heaven, on earth, or in the sea. He has made all things.

The happy ones (Ps 32:1-32:2)

A psalm of David, a Maskil

Happy are those

Whose transgression is forgiven.

Happy are those

Whose sin is covered.

Happy are those

To whom Yahweh imputes no iniquity.

Happy are those

In whose spirit there is no deceit.”

Once again, Psalm 32 is assigned to David. However, it is called a Maskil, which is the Hebrew word for wisdom. It was a term later used for the German Jewish Enlightenment Reform of the 18th and 19th century. Thus this might be considered a wisdom psalm. Who are the happy people? They are the ones whose transgressions have been forgiven. Their sins have been covered because Yahweh did not impute any iniquity to them. They have no deceit in their spirit. These are the happy or wise people.