The response of Jonah (Jon 1:9-1:9)

Jonah said to them.

‘I am a Hebrew.

I worship Yahweh,

The God of heaven,

Who made the sea.

He also made

The dry land.’”

Jonah responded to them that he was a Hebrew.  He did not call himself an Israelite or a Judean.  He worshiped Yahweh, the God of heaven and the creator of the sea and the land.

Daniel gets the answer to the dream problem (Dan 2:19-2:19)

“Then the mystery

Was revealed

To Daniel

In a vision

Of the night.

Then Daniel


The God of heaven.”

That evening, Daniel went to bed. In a vision that night, the mystery of King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream was revealed to Daniel. He then blessed the God of heaven, not the God of Israel, who is a more universal God.

Daniel discussed the situation with his companions (Dan 2:17-2:18)

“Then Daniel went

To his house.

He informed

His companions,




He told them

To seek mercy

From the God of heaven

Concerning this mystery.



With his companions

Might not perish

With the rest

Of the wise men

Of Babylon.”

Daniel went home and shared his information with his 3 other companions, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah. He told them to ask mercy from the God of heaven. Once again it is not Yahweh, but the God of heaven. He wanted help with this great mystery. He hoped and prayed that they and the other wise men of Babylon would be able to spare their lives.