The second prophecy (Hag 2:1-2:1)

“In the second year

Of King Darius,

In the seventh month,

On the twenty-first day

Of the month,

The word of Yahweh

Came by the prophet Haggai.”

About a month later in the same year, on the 21st of the 7th month, the word of Yahweh came to the prophet Haggai again, maybe around the time of the feast of tents.

Eighty pilgrim worshippers arrive at Mizpah (Jer 41:4-41:5)

“On the day after

The murder of Governor Gedaliah,

Before anyone knew of it,

Eighty men arrived

From Shechem,

From Shiloh,

From Samaria.

Their beards were shaved.

Their clothes were torn.

Their bodies were gashed.

They were bringing

Grain offerings

With incense

To present

At the temple of Yahweh.”

The day after the death of Judean governor, 80 pilgrims from the northern areas of Shechem, Shiloh, and Samaria came by. As Mizpah was near Jerusalem, they would want to stop there. Obviously, they knew nothing about the death of Governor Gedaliah the day before, but they might have heard about the good times at Mizpah. These pilgrims had shaved beards, torn clothes, and gashes on their bodies, typical signs of mourning. They may have been on their way to mourn the passing of the Temple in Jerusalem with their grain offerings and incense. However, they might also be on the way to celebrate the feast of Tents.

The Feast of Tents (Lev 23:33-23:36)

“Yahweh spoke to Moses.  Speak to the people of Israel. ‘On the fifteenth day of this seventh month, and lasting seven days, there shall be the festival of tents or booths to Yahweh.  The first day shall be a holy convocation.  You shall not work at your occupations.   Seven days you shall present Yahweh’s offerings by fire. On the eighth day you shall observe a holy convocation and present Yahweh’s offering by fire.  It is a solemn assembly.  You shall not work at your occupation.”

One week later, on the 15th day of this 7th month, and lasting 7 days there shall be a festival of tents or booths to Yahweh.  The 1st and 8th days have holy convocations with a day of rest.  During the 7 days in between you present offerings to Yahweh.