The farewell speech

Jesus said that God was glorified, so too he would be glorified.  They could not come where he was going.  He wanted them to love one another.  Thus, Jesus’ disciples would be known for their love of each other.  They would follow him later.  Peter wanted to go then, but Jesus told Peter that he would deny Jesus three times.  They were to believe in God and Jesus.  There would be a place for them.  Jesus was going to take them to himself.  They knew the way to where he was going.  However, they said how do we get there?  Jesus responded that he was the way.  They knew the Father.  However, they wanted to see the Father.  Jesus said that he had been with them so long and yet they still did not understand.  He said he was in the Father.  They were to believe in the Father with belief and works.  The Father was glorified in the Son.  Just ask anything in his name, and it would be given.  They were to keep his commandments.  The Paraclete, the Spirit of truth would not leave them as destitute orphans.  The world would not see him, but he was in them if they kept his commandments.  They either loved Jesus or not.  He would remain with them.  The Holy Spirit would bring peace.  He was going to the Father, so that they might believe that he loved the Father. Do you understand the relationship between God, the Father, and Jesus?