Yahweh’s rejection (Jer 6:27-6:30)

“I have made you a tester.

You are a refiner among my people.

Thus you may know their ways.

You may test their ways.

They are all stubbornly rebellious.

They go about with slanders.

They are bronze.

They are iron.

All of them act corruptly.

The bellows blow fiercely.

The lead is consumed by the fire.

In vain,

The refining goes on.

The wicked are not removed.

They are called

‘Rejected silver.’

Yahweh has rejected them.”

Jeremiah was to be the tester for Yahweh. He was going to test the faithfulness of the people. Thus there is a comparison with testing metals. Jeremiah found that they were all rebellious corrupt slanderous people. He was going to test them as if they were iron or bronze. The lead was consumed in the fire but no precious metals were to be found. The wicked were not removed, so that they came up as rejected silver. Thus Yahweh has rejected these wicked people.

The steadfast love of Yahweh (Ps 89:1-89:2)

A Maskil of Ethan the Ezrahite

“I will sing of your steadfast love forever!


With my mouth,

I will proclaim your faithfulness

To all generations.

I declare that

Your steadfast love was established forever.

Your faithfulness is as firm as the heavens.”

Psalm 89 is a long psalm proclaiming the faithfulness of God. This psalm is not from David, but rather from Ethan the Ezrahite. Ethan was one of the 4 wise sons of Mahol mentioned in 1 Kings, chapter 4, who was not quite as wise as Solomon. This long psalm begins with the psalmist singing about the steadfast love of Yahweh. This wise psalmist will proclaim the faithfulness of Yahweh for all generations to hear. Yahweh’s love lasts forever. His everlasting faithfulness is as firm as the heavens.

David has proclaimed the good news of deliverance (Ps 40:9-40:10)

“I have told the glad news of deliverance

In the great congregation.


I have not restrained my lips.

As you know!


I have not hidden

Your saving help within my heart.

I have spoken of your faithfulness.

I have spoken of your salvation.

I have not concealed your steadfast love,

I have not concealed your faithfulness,

From the great congregation.”

David has proclaimed the good news of salvation to the great Jewish congregation where later they would gather in the Temple. He has not kept quiet. He has not hidden his love for Yahweh. He has spoken about his saving help, the faithfulness, and steadfast love of Yahweh. He has not concealed the faithfulness of Yahweh toward him and his faithfulness towards Yahweh. He has done all this publicly in the great assemblies.