The defeat of Ephraim (Hos 10:11-10:12)

“Ephraim was a trained heifer

That loved to thresh.

I spared her fair neck.

But I will make Ephraim

Break the ground.

Judah must plow.

Jacob must harrow

For himself.

Sow for yourselves righteousness!

Reap the fruit of steadfast love!

Break up your fallow ground!

It is time

To seek Yahweh.


He may come.

He may rain

Salvation upon you.”

Ephraim was like a trained young cow that would thresh or grind wheat. Although Yahweh had spared her neck, now he was going to send her out to plow the fields, like Judah and Jacob. If they were to sow in righteousness, then they would reap steadfast love. It was time for them to seek good ground, to seek Yahweh. Then Yahweh would come and rain salvation down on them.

The defeat of Ephraim (Hos 5:11-5:12)

“Ephraim is oppressed.

He is crushed in judgment.

Because he was determined

To go after vanity.


I am

Like maggots

To Ephraim.

I am

Like dry rot

To the house of Judah.”

Ephraim was oppressed and crushed, because of their vanity. Thus, Yahweh became like maggot flies to them. Not only was this true about Ephraim, but also about Judah. Yahweh had become like dry rotted wood to them. Things were not good for Ephraim or Judah.