The crippled man listened to Paul (Acts 14:9)

“This crippled man

From birth


To Paul speaking.


Looking intently

At him,


That he had faith

To be healed.”

οὗτος ἤκουεν τοῦ Παύλου λαλοῦντος· ὃς ἀτενίσας αὐτῷ καὶ ἰδὼν ὅτι ἔχει πίστιν τοῦ σωθῆναι,

The author of Acts indicated that this crippled man from birth listened (οὗτος ἤκουεν) to Paul speaking (τοῦ Παύλου λαλοῦντος).  Paul, looked intently at him (ὃς ἀτενίσας αὐτῷ).  He saw (καὶ ἰδὼν) that he had the faith (ὅτι ἔχει πίστιν) to be healed or saved (τοῦ σωθῆναι).  This was a very similar story to Peter in Acts, chapter 3:1-10, where Peter and John cured a man born blind, since both these men had lifetime impediments from their birth.  Paul stared at this crippled man, just like Peter in Acts, chapter 3:4, had done using the same word.  “Both Peter (δὲ Πέτρος) and John (σὺν τῷ Ἰωάνῃ) looked intently (ἀτενίσας) at this lame beggar (εἰς αὐτὸν).”  Paul saw that this lame man had the faith to be healed.  Have you ever looked intently at anyone?