The conversion of Heliodorus (2 Macc 3:35-3:40)

“Then Heliodorus offered sacrifice to the Lord. He made very great vows to the savior of his life. Having bidden Onias farewell, he marched off with his forces to the king. He bore testimony to all concerning the deeds of the supreme God, which he had seen with his own eyes. When the king asked Heliodorus what sort of person would be suitable to send on another mission to Jerusalem, he replied.

‘If you have any enemy or plotter against your government,

Send him there!

You will get him back thoroughly flogged,

If he survives at all.

There is certainly some power of God about the place.

He who has his dwelling in heaven

Watches over that place himself.

He brings it aid.

He strikes and destroys those who come to do it injury.’

This was the outcome of the episode of Heliodorus and the protection of the treasury.”

Heliodorus offered a sacrifice to the Lord. It is not clear if he did this in Jerusalem. He does not convert to become a Jew. He seems to be more favorably disposed to the Jews. He bid farewell to the high priest Onias, without a word about the money problem. When the king asked him who he should send there, Heliodorus said to send an enemy or plotter because he would not survive. The powerful God in heaven protected that place. He would destroy anyone who would come to injure the Temple of God in Jerusalem. Thus this brings an end to the story of Heliodorus and those worried about the Temple money.