The call to conversion (Zech 1:2-1:3)

“Yahweh said.

‘Yahweh was very angry

With your ancestors.


Say to them.’

Thus says Yahweh of hosts.

‘Return to me!’

Says Yahweh of hosts.

‘I will return to you.’

Says Yahweh of hosts.”

The message of Yahweh to Zechariah was very simple.  Return to Yahweh!  Yahweh had been angry at their ancestors.  All they had to do was to return to him and he would return to them.  The Yahweh of hosts, via Zechariah, had a clear message of conversion or reconversion.

The call to conversion (Zeph 2:1-2:3)

“Gather together!


O shameless nation!

Before you are driven away

Like the drifting chaff,

Before there comes

Upon you

The fierce anger of Yahweh,

Before there comes

Upon you

The day

Of Yahweh’s wrath.

Seek Yahweh!

All you humble

Of the land!

You do his commands.

You seek righteousness.

You seek humility.


You may be hidden

On the day

Of Yahweh’s wrath.”

Yahweh gave them one last chance to convert to him.  He wanted this shameless country to gather together to seek him.  If they did not, they would be driven away like useless chaff.  If they did not, the anger of Yahweh would come upon them on the day of his wrath.  The humble or the poor of the land should seek Yahweh.  All they had to do was to follow his commandments.  They had to seek righteousness and humility.  Then perhaps, on the day of Yahweh’s wrath, they would be hidden or stored away from his anger.  There still was a chance for these righteous humble poor people.