The fall of Gog (Ezek 39:3-39:5)

“‘I will strike

Your bow

From your left hand.

I will make

Your arrows

Drop out

Of your right hand.

You shall fall

Upon the mountains

Of Israel.


All your troops!

The people

That are with you!

I will give you

To the birds

Of prey

Of every sort.

I will give you

To the wild animals

To be devoured.

You shall fall

In the open field.

I have spoken.’

Says Yahweh God!”

Suddenly, after enticing Gog to attack the Israelite mountains, Yahweh struck back at him. Yahweh was going to knock the bow out of his left hand and, at the same time, he was going to have him drop the arrows from his right hand. Gog and his army were then going to fall in the mountains of Israel. Not just Gog, but all his troops and all the people with them would be given over to the birds of prey and the wild animals to be devoured in the open fields. There should be no doubt, because Yahweh God has spoken.

The hidden place of wisdom (Job 28:7-28:8)

“The path no bird of prey knows.

The falcon’s eye has not seen it.

The proud wild animals have not trodden it.

The lion has not passed over it.”

Wisdom is not known by the birds of prey. The falcon’s eye has not seen it. The wild animals or lions have not walked over it or passed it by. It must be someplace else. It is not lying around that birds and animals know where it is. We already know that we cannot mine wisdom.