The accusation and stoning murder of Naboth (1 Kings 21:11-21:14)

“The men of his city, the elders and the nobles who lived in his city, did as Jezebel had sent word to them. Just as it was written in the letters that she had sent to them, they proclaimed a fast. They seated Naboth at the head of the assembly. The two scoundrels came in and sat opposite him. The two scoundrels brought a charge against Naboth, in the presence of the people, saying. ‘Naboth cursed God and the king.’ So they took him outside the city. They stoned him to death. Then they sent to Jezebel, saying. ‘Naboth has been stoned. He is dead.’”

The elders of his city, presumably Jezreel, did as Jezebel had asked. The biblical author implies that these people realized that it was really Jezebel and not Ahab who sent the request since at the end they reported back to her that Naboth had been stoned and died. These elders proclaimed a fast. They put Naboth in the first seat leading the assembly. Then the 2 scoundrels, a word that is often used to imply dishonest people, came into the assembly to sit opposite him. They accused Naboth of cursing God and the king. The word of 2 people was good enough to convict Naboth. They then stoned him to death. Finally they sent word back to Jezebel that the deed had been done.