Curds and honey (Isa 7:21-7:22)

“On that day,

One will keep alive

A young cow.

One will keep alive

Two sheep.

One will eat curds

Because of the abundance of milk

That these animals give.

Everyone that is left in the land

Shall eat curds and honey.”

On this dreaded day, there will no longer be any agriculture, but only a few cows and sheep. The people will live off the milk of these animals. Due to the lack of grain and the abundance of milk from these animals, cheese curds will become the common food. However, they will also eat the honey from the bee hives.

Yahweh is the fountain of life (Ps 36:7-36:9)

“All people may take refuge

In the shadow of your wings.

They feast

On the abundance of your house.

You give them drink

From the river of your delights.

With you is the fountain of life.

In your light,

We see light.”

Everyone can take refuge in the shadows under the wings of Yahweh. They can feast from the abundance of his house. They get to drink from the delightful rivers. Yahweh is the foundation of life. Without him there would be no light. Actually through this light, we can see through his light.