Tertullus was grateful to Felix (Acts 24:3)

“Your Excellency Felix!

We welcome this

In every way

And everywhere

With all gratitude.”

πάντῃ τε καὶ πανταχοῦ ἀποδεχόμεθα, κράτιστε Φῆλιξ, μετὰ πάσης εὐχαριστίας.

The author of Acts indicated that Tertullus said that they welcomed (ἀποδεχόμεθα) His Excellency Felix (κράτιστε Φῆλιξ), in every way (πάντῃ τε) and everywhere (καὶ πανταχοῦ) with all gratitude (μετὰ πάσης εὐχαριστίας).  Tertullus continued with his flattery saying that the excellent governor of Judea, Felix, was welcome in every way and everywhere with gratitude and thankfulness by the people of Judea.  Tertullus was silver tongued with his praises for Felix, the Roman procurator of Judea.  Have you ever tried to flatter someone?