Ninety side chambers (Ezek 41:5-41:6)

“The width

Of the side chambers was

Four cubits,

All around the temple.

The side chambers were

In three stories,

One over the other,

Thirty in each story.

There were offsets

All around the wall

Of the temple

To serve

As supports

For the side chambers.


They would not

Be supported

By the wall

Of the temple.”

Ezekiel explained that there were 90 side chambers that were 4 cubits or 7 feet wide. However, they were stacked on 3 stories, each story with 30 of these small chambers or rooms for storage and treasures. They were not supported by the Temple wall, since these 90 small rooms had their own supports.

Mattathias flees to the hills (1 Macc 2:27-2:28)

“Then Mattathias cried out in the town with a loud voice, saying.

‘Let everyone who is zealous for the law

Everyone who supports the covenant,

Come out with me!’

He and his sons fled to the hills. They left all that they had in the town.”

Now there was no question about what to do. Mattathias and his sons got out of town. There was no mention of his brothers. He wanted everyone who supported and cared for the covenant Mosaic Law to follow him into the hills.