The return on the easy road (Isa 49:9-49:11)

“They shall feed along the ways.

On all bare heights

Shall be their pasture.

They shall not hunger.

They shall not thirst.

There shall not be a scorching wind.

There shall not be the sun

To strike them down.

He who has pity on them

Will lead them.

By springs of water,

He will guide them.

I will turn all my mountains

Into a road.

My highways shall be raised up.”

Yahweh explains that this will be an easy road back from the Exile. There will be food along the way and plenty of pastures. They will not be hungry or thirsty. There would be no scorching wind or dangerous sun to strike them with sun stroke. People will take pity on them, and lead them to springs of water. The mountains will become easy roads, while highways will appear out of nowhere.

God of water (Isa 41:17-41:18)

“When the poor seek water,

When the needy seek water,

There is none.

Their tongues

Are parched with thirst.



Will answer them!


The God of Israel!

Will not forsake them!

I will open rivers

on the bare trails!

I will open fountains

In the midst of the valleys!

I will make the wilderness

A pool of water!

I will make

The dry land springs of water!”

Yahweh, maintaining the first person singular in Second Isaiah, says that he will provide water for the thirsty poor people and the parched needy ones. He would not forget them, but he would answer them. He will open up rivers on the bare trails. He will open up fountains of water in the valleys. In fact, he will make the great desert wilderness like a pool of water. There will be springs of water where there was a dry land area. Don’t worry about water! Yahweh will take care of things.