The desolation of Babylon (Jer 51:41-51:43)

“How Sheshach is taken!

The pride

Of the whole earth

Has been seized!

How Babylon has become

An object of horror

Among the nations!

The sea has risen

Over Babylon.

She has been covered

By its tumultuous waves.

Her cities have become

An object of horror,

A land of drought,

A desert,

A land in which no one lives.

No mortal person

Passes through.”

Sheshach is an atbash cipher for Babylon. This once proud country has been seized. Thus Babylon has become an object of horror to all the countries. The strong waves of the sea have covered her land. Her cities are horrible. They are like a dried up desert, where no one lives and no one even passes by.


King of Babylon (Jer 25:26-25:26)

“After them,

I went to

The king of Sheshach

To offer him a drink.”

Finally, Jeremiah ends up with the King of Babylon. Here, he is called Sheshach, which is a reverse of the Hebrew letters known as a “atbash”. Jeremiah used this a few times to hide what he was trying to say. After visiting every leader in the world, he ends up with King Nebuchadnezzar.