The descendents of the three sons of Heber (1 Chr 7:33-7:37)

“The sons of Japhlet were Pasach, Bimhal, and Ashvath. The sons of Shemer his brother were Ahi, Rohgah, Hubbah, and Aram. The sons of Helem his brother were Zophah, Imna, Shelesh, and Amal. The sons of Zophah were Suah, Harnepher, Shual, Beri, Imrah, Bezer, Hod, Shamma, Shilshah, Ithran, and Beera.”

The 3 sons of Heber, who were descended from Asher, had multiple sons. Japhlet had 3 sons (1) Pasach, (2) Bimhal, and (3) Ashvath that are only mentioned here. His brother, Shomer or Shemer, also had 4 sons, 3 of which are only mentioned here (1) Ahi, (2) Rohgah, and (3) Hubbah. (4) Aram, of course, was the northeast area above Canaan, where the Arameans lived, but there are 2 other biblical figures with this name.  Their other brother Helem or Hotham also had 4 sons (1) Zophah, (2) Imna, (3) Shelesh, and (4) Amal, whose names only appear here. However, we follow the lineage of Zophah who had 11 sons. 8 of his son’s names only appear here (1) Suah, (2) Harnepher, (4) Beri, (5) Imrah, (7) Hod, (8) Shamma, (9) Shilshah, and (11) Beera. Of the other 3, (3) Shual was the name of a place that is difficult to determine where. (6) Bezer was the name of a Reuben refuge city. (10) Ithran was also the name of a Horite.

The Levite cantor Ethan the Merarite (1 Chr 6:44-6:48)

“On the left hand were their kindred the sons of Merari, Ethan son of Kishi, son of Abdi, son of Malluch, son of Hashabiah, son of Amaziah, son of Hilkiah, son of Amzi, son of Bani, son of Shemer, son of Mahli, son of Mushi, son of Merari, son of Levi. Their kindred the Levites were appointed for all the service of the tabernacle of the house of God.”

To balance the singers, (15) Ethan a Merari Levite was on the left. Thus all 3 clans of the Levites were represented as cantors or singers, during the time of David with Heman from Kohath in the center and Asaph from Gershom on the right. This genealogy goes back 15 generations. The names of (4) Mahli, (3) Mushi, (2) Merari, and (1) Levi are the classical patriarchs of this clan of Merarites. (5) Shemer may be the same as Shimei. (6) Bani appears as the name for 11 different people. The name (7) Amzi only appears once elsewhere. There were 7 people with the name of (8) Hilkiah, the most famous being the priest at the time of Josiah who found the lost book of the Law, in 2 Kings, chapter 22. There were 3 others with the name of (9) Amaziah, with the most famous of these the 8th king of Judah, King Amaziah (796-781 BCE) in 2 Kings, chapter 14. There were 5 other people with the name of (11) Malluch and 11 with the name of (10) Hashabiah. There were 2 other people with the name of (12) Abdi. There was a group called the “Kishaiah” of the Merari branch of the Levites, although this is the only mention of (13) Kishi. This (14) Ethan was not a Gershonite as in the preceding verses. Only the Levites could perform the service at the tabernacle in the temple, the house of Yahweh.