The success of Judas Maccabeus at Beth-horon (1 Macc 3:23-3:26)

“When he finished speaking, Judas Maccabeus rushed suddenly against Seron and his army. They were crushed before him. They pursued them down the descent of Beth-horon to the plain. Eight hundred of them fell. The rest fled into the land of the Philistines. Then Judas and his brothers began to be feared. Terror fell upon the gentiles all around them. His fame reached the king, as the gentiles talked of the battles of Judas.”

When his words of encouragement were complete, Judas then rushed at Seron and his Syrian army. He crushed them and pursued them down the hill of Beth-horon as they fled to the land of the Philistines. I guess those Philistine guys are still around. 800 of the Syrian army died. People began to fear Judas and his brothers. Terror struck the heart of the gentiles as word of his escapades reached the king.

Seron, commander of the Syrian army (1 Macc 3:13-3:15)

“When Seron, the commander of the Syrian army, heard that Judas had gathered a large company, including a body of faithful soldiers who stayed with him, he went out to battle. He said.

‘I will make a name for myself.

I will win honor in the kingdom.

I will make war on Judas and his companions,

Because they scorn the king’s command.’

Once again a strong army of ungodly men went up with him to help him, to take vengeance on the sons of Israel.”

Seron was the head of the Syrian army, who heard about Judas and his uprising. He knew that Judas had a group of faithful soldiers so he wanted to make war on Judas and his companions. Thus, he set out to take vengeance on the sons of Israel.