An oracle against Aram (Zech 9:1-9:2)

“An oracle.

The word of Yahweh is

Against the land of Hadrach.

It will rest upon Damascus.

The capital of Aram,

With Hamath

That borders on Damascus,

As do all the tribes of Israel,

Belong to Yahweh.”

This second part of this book of Zechariah is a series of oracles that presume something like the conquest of Alexander the Great in 333 BCE.  Apparently, Yahweh was on the side of the Greeks in their conquest.  Thus, Yahweh was against Aram, present day Syria, as well as the cities of Hadrach, Hamath, and Damascus, the capital of Aram.  All of these places belonged to Yahweh, just as all the tribes of Israel also belonged to Yahweh.

Jealous Yahweh (Zech 8:1-8:2)

“The word of Yahweh of hosts

Came to me,


‘Thus says Yahweh of hosts.

I am jealous for Zion

With great jealousy,

I am jealous for her

With great wrath.’”

Next Zechariah had a series of oracles by Yahweh of hosts.  This first oracle was that Yahweh was jealous for Zion.  He was jealous and angry for her, much like Joel, chapter 2.