The righteous (Prov 21:12-21:15)

“The righteous observe the house of the wicked.

He casts the wicked down to ruin.

If you close your ear

To the cry of the poor,

You will cry out.

However, you will not be heard.

A gift in secret averts anger.

But a concealed bribe in the bosom

Brings strong wrath.

When justice is done,

It is a joy to the righteous.

But it is dismay to evildoers.”

The righteous ones can see the houses of the wicked. They want to cast out the wicked so that they will be ruined. If you do not listen to the poor, when you cry out, you will not be heard. A secret gift can avert anger. However, a concealed bribe will only bring about anger. Whenever justice is done, the righteous are joyous, but the evildoers are dismayed.