Saul is chosen as king by a lottery (1 Sam 10:20-10:27)

“Then Samuel brought all the tribes of Israel near. The tribe of Benjamin was taken by lot. He brought the tribe of Benjamin near, by its families. The family of the Matrites was taken by lot. Finally he brought the family of the Matrites near, man by man. Saul the son of Kish was taken by lot. But when they sought him, he could not be found.”

After all that Samuel had done to Saul prior to this time, now he had a sham lottery to proclaim a new king. Guess who wins the lottery? The fix was in. The tribe of Benjamin with the family of Matrites with a guy named Saul son of Kish won the lottery. This is the only mention in biblical literature of the Matrites. Oh, oh, they cannot find Saul.

“So they inquired again of Yahweh. ‘Did the man come here?’ Yahweh said. ‘See! He has hidden himself among the baggage.’ Then they ran and brought him from there. When he took his stand among the people, he was head and shoulders taller than any of them. Samuel said to all the people. ‘Do you see the one whom Yahweh has chosen? There is no one like him among all the people.’ All the people shouted. ‘Long live the king!’”

At last, we have King Saul. He was hiding in the baggage. When they brought him out they realized that he was taller than everyone else. So all the people shouted, ‘Long live the King.’

“Samuel told the people the rights and duties of the kingship. He wrote them in a book and laid it up before Yahweh. Then Samuel sent all the people back to their homes. Saul also went to his home at Gibeah. With him went men of valor whose hearts God had touched. But some worthless fellows said. ‘How can this man save us?’ They despised him and brought him no present. But Saul held his peace.”

Now that there is a king, what next? There are certain rights and duties with having and being a king that are in some kind of book which of course has been lost. Samuel sent everyone home, including Saul. Some warriors followed him, but others despised him and did not bring any presents. There could be a problem here. How did he get to be king and not someone else?