The punishment for sacrificing to Molech (Lev 20:1-20:7)

“Yahweh spoke to Moses.  Say further to the people of Israel, ‘Any of the people of Israel, or of the aliens who reside in Israel, who give any of their children to Molech shall be put to death.  The people of the land shall stone them to death.  I myself will set my face against then, and will cut them off from among the people, because they have given of their children to Molech, defiling my sanctuary and profaning my holy name.   If the people of the land should ever close their eyes to them, when they give of their children to Molech, and do not put them to death, I, myself will set my face against them and against their family.  I will cut them off from among their people, them and all who follow them in prostituting themselves to Molech.”

Once again, Yahweh spoke to Moses.  This time, he is explicit against sacrificing children to Molech, as mentioned in chapter 18.  Molech must have been a popular god because the punishment for sacrificing children to him is death.  Stone them to death or Yahweh will put them to death.  Molech appears 16 times in the biblical writings as the god of the Ammonites.  He is the equivalent to the Moabite god Chemosh.  The normal image was some kind of bronze calf with fire in its mouth.  Human sacrifices were normal offerings.

“If any turn to mediums and wizards, prostituting themselves to them, I will set my face against them.  I will cut them off from among the people.  Consecrate yourselves therefore.  Be holy.  I am Yahweh, your God.”

There is a general admonition against magicians, but there is no death penalty just ostracization, cut off from the people.  The cry is simple.   Be holy because Yahweh is your God.