Among the most controversial areas of interpretation of Gospel of John is its sacramental theology.  Christian sacramental theology has used John as a source for the developing Christian sacramental theology.  Many have found sacramental allusions in most chapters, especially to Baptism and the Eucharist.  Others have seen references to Matrimony, Anointing of the Sick, and Penance.  Thus, the sacraments were of great importance to this evangelist.  What exactly was the role of the symbolic physical ritual sacraments in the early Church?  There was an intimate personal relationship between the believer and Jesus, where Jesus abided in them.  Was this a grace filled sacramental presence?  Do you believe in the power of Christian sacraments?


The Protestant principle testifies to God’s sovereignty against human endeavors.  Continually Protestants remind us not to absolute the relative.  God is beyond nature and history.  For many Protestants, the Bible is the ultimate source of truth, the living word of God.  On the other hand, dogma, sacraments, and church are at the heart of Catholic belief.  Protestants do not grant papal infallibility, preferring to rely on the corrections of the Holy Spirit.  You need to continually protest against something.

Christian Worship Practice

Sunday worship on the Sabbath is the key Christian ritual, with special emphasis on the Easter and Christmas ceremonies.  Sunday is the day of worship rather than Saturday because Sunday is the day of the Lord’s resurrection.  Thus, every Sunday is a little Easter celebration.  Worship centers on Bible readings and their interpretation with sermons and testimonials.  Prayers, hymns, chants and the Lord’s Supper, or the Eucharistic meal, remain a mainstay of most Christian worship services.  The various Christian symbolic actions or sacraments grow out of a Trinitarian baptism based on a belief in Jesus Christ.