The wicked believe that they will not be held accountable (Ps 10:12-10:13)

Rise up!


O God!

Lift up your hand!

Do not forget the oppressed!

Why do the wicked renounce God?

They say in their heart.

‘You will not call us to account.’”

The psalmist wants Yahweh to rise up. He wanted Yahweh not to forget the oppressed. The wicked renounce God in their hearts because they think that Yahweh will not hold them accountable.

The wicked ones deny the existence of God (Ps 10:3-10:4)

“The wicked boast of the desires of their heart.

Those greedy for gain curse Yahweh.

Those greedy for gain renounce Yahweh.

In the pride of his countenance

The wicked say.

‘God will not seek it out.’

All their thoughts are.

‘There is no God.’”

The wicked ones act as if there is no God. They are greedy. Thus they curse God. They renounce God. They seem to think that God will not seek them out. Anyway, they think that there is no God.