The righteous flourish like trees (Ps 92:12-92:15)

“The righteous flourish

Like the palm tree.

The righteous grow

Like a cedar in Lebanon.

They are planted

In the house of Yahweh.

They flourish

In the courts of our God.

They still produce fruit

In old age.

They are always green.

They are full of sap.

They show that

Yahweh is upright.

He is my rock.

There is no unrighteousness in him.”

This psalm ends with the righteous flourishing. The upstanding people flourish like palm trees or like the cedars in Lebanon. They are planted in the house of Yahweh. They flourish in God’s courtyards. Even in old age, they still produce fruit as they are green and full of sap. The growth of all these plants and trees shows the uprightness of Yahweh since there is no unrighteousness in him. Thus the faithful ones are like giant growing trees.

Yahweh has helped me (Ps 92:10-92:11)

“But you have exalted my horn

Like that of the wild ox.

You have poured over me fresh oil.

My eyes have seen

The downfall of my enemies.

My ears have heard

The doom of my evil assailants.”

Luckily, this psalmist has been helped by Yahweh. His metaphorical horn of strength and honor has been lifted up like that of a strong wild ox. He has had fresh oil poured over him. His eyes have seen his enemies fall. His ears have heard the failure of his evil attackers.

The great works of Yahweh (Ps 92:5-92:9)

“How great are your works!


Your thoughts are very deep!

The dullard cannot know this.

The stupid cannot understand this.

The wicked sprout like grass.

All evildoers flourish.

They are doomed to destruction forever.

But you are on high forever!


Your enemies!


Your enemies shall perish.

All evildoers shall be scattered.”

The works of Yahweh are great. His thoughts are very deep. The dullards and stupid people do not know and understand this. The wicked and the evildoers are flourishing like grass. However, they are doomed to eternal destruction. Yahweh is on high forever and thus his enemies will perish. All the evildoers will be scattered.

Thanksgiving hymn (Ps 92:1-92:4)

A psalm, a song for the Sabbath

“It is good

To give thanks to Yahweh!

It is good

To sing praises to your name!

O Most High!

It is good

To declare your steadfast love in the morning!

It is good

To declare your faithfulness by night!

It is good

To play the music of the lute!

It is good

To play the music of the harp!

It is good

To play the melody of the lyre!


You have made me glad by your work.

At the works of your hands,

I sing for joy.”

Psalm 92 is definitely a hymn of thanksgiving after some kind of victory. There is no name in the title but an indication that it is a Sabbath psalm. The refrain “It is good” is repeated often. It is good to give thanks to Yahweh. It is also good to sing praises to his name. There is a hint of a morning and evening offering as steadfast love is mentioned in the morning while faithfulness comes in the evening. It is also good to have music, especially, the lute, the harp, and the lyre. Everyone is glad because of the works of God. Therefore they would all sing with joy.