Yahweh helps the people (Ps 28:8-28:9)

“Yahweh is the strength of his people.

He is the saving refuge of his anointed.

O save your people!

Bless your heritage!

Be their shepherd!

Carry them forever!”

Yahweh was the strength for his people. He was the refuge for the anointed one, David, so that he wanted Yahweh to continue to save his people. He wanted him to bless his descendants. This psalm ends with David wanting Yahweh to be their shepherd and carry them, his sheep, forever.

Blessed be Yahweh (Ps 28:6-28:7)

“Blessed be Yahweh!

He has heard the sound of my pleadings.

Yahweh is my strength!

Yahweh is my shield!

In him my heart trusts!

So I am helped!

My heart exults!

With my song

I give thanks to him.”

Yahweh is to be blessed. He has heard the sounds of his pleadings. Yahweh is his strength and shield against all enemies. His heart trusts in Yahweh since he has been helped. This is more thanksgiving than pleading. His heart exalted so that he could sing a song of thanksgiving.

Repay the wicked (Ps 28:3-28:5)

“Do not drag me away

With the wicked!

Do not drag me away

With those who are workers of evil!

Do not drag me away

With those who speak peace with their neighbors,

While mischief is in their hearts!

Repay them according to their work!

Repay them according to the evil of their deeds!

Repay them according to the work of their hands!

Render them their due reward!

They do not regard the works of Yahweh!

They do not regard the work of his hands!

He will break them down.

He will build them up no more.”

David wanted to be separated from the wicked evildoers. He was against those who did evil or pretended to be peaceful but were mischievous in their hearts. He wanted these evildoers to be repaid in full according to the evil works of their own hands. They never regarded the works of Yahweh and his hands. Therefore Yahweh should break them down and not build them up any more.

Yahweh is my rock (Ps 28:1-28:2)

A psalm of David.

To you!


I call!

My rock!

Be not deaf to me!

If you are silent to me,

I shall be like those who go down to the pit.

Hear the voice of my supplication!

I cry to you for help!

I lift up my hands

Toward your most holy sanctuary.”

Once again, this short Psalm 28, a psalm of David, continues the concept of deliverance from enemies just as the preceding psalms had done. David wanted Yahweh to listen to his cries. Yahweh was his rock. If he did not hear anything he would go down to the pit, the graveyard or the underground death of Sheol. Not only was he crying out, he was lifting up his hands towards the holy sanctuary, the Temple of Yahweh.