Hope in Yahweh (Ps 130:7-130:8)

“O Israel!

Hope in Yahweh!

With Yahweh                                   

There is steadfast love.

With him

There is great power to redeem.

He will redeem Israel

From all its iniquities.”

This short psalm ends with a sense of hope. The psalmist called on Israel to have hope in Yahweh and his steadfast love. Yahweh has the power to redeem Israel from all its iniquities.

Waiting for Yahweh (Ps 130:5-130:6)

“I wait for Yahweh.

My soul waits.

I hope in his word.

My soul waits for Yahweh

More than those who watch for the morning,

More than those who watch for the morning.”

This psalmist waits and hopes for Yahweh. His soul waits and hopes in the word of Yahweh. This waiting is greater than those who wait for the morning sunrise, a phrase that is mentioned twice so as not to forget it.

From the depths (Ps 130:1-130:2)

A song of ascent

“Out of the depths,

I cry to you!



Hear my voice!

Let your ears be attentive

To the voice of my supplications!”

Psalm 130 is another in this series of pilgrimage songs or psalms on the ascent to Jerusalem. However, this is more a penitential psalm that cries from the depths of despair. This psalmist cried out to Yahweh. He wanted Yahweh to listen. He wanted Yahweh to have his ears attentive to his prayers of supplication.