The sickness (Lam 5:17-5:18)

“Our hearts

Are sick

Because of this.

Our eyes

Have grown dim

Because of these things.

Mount Zion

Lies desolate.

Jackals prowl

Over it.”

The hearts of the people of Jerusalem are sick. Their eyes have grown dim. Mount Zion has become desolate. The famous jackals prowl all around the city.

The evening howling dogs (Ps 59:6-59:7)

“Each evening

They come back.

They are howling like dogs.

They are prowling about the city.

There they are.

They bellow with their mouths.

They have sharp words on their lips.

They think.

‘Who will hear us?’”

The wicked ones are like howling dogs at night. They prowl around the city bellowing. They have sharp words on their lips. They think that no one can hear them so they growl and shout louder.

Yahweh will protect us (Ps 12:7-12: 8)


You will protect us!

You will guard us from this generation forever.

On every side

The wicked prowl.

As vileness is exalted among humankind.”

Now there is a direct appeal to Yahweh. Yahweh will protect the faithful ones and guard them from this wicked generation. These wicked people prowl around as their vileness is exalted everywhere. So ends this short psalm with a confident cry to Yahweh.