All the things that God does (Job 33:29-33:33)

“God indeed does all these things.

He does it twice or three times, with mortals.

He brings back their souls from the pit.

Thus they see the light of life.

Pay heed!

O Job!

Listen to me!

Be silent!

I will speak.

If you have anything to say,

Answer me.


I desire to justify you!

If not,

Listen to me!

Be silent!

I will teach you wisdom.”

Elihu then turned more arrogant. He told Job that God could do all these things for him. He has done it 2 or 3 times for other mortals. He has brought them back from the precipice of the pit or death. He will see the light. All Job had to do was listen to him and be silent. If Job had anything to say he should respond to Elihu. If he wanted it, Elihu could teach him all about wisdom, as if to say that Job did not understand anything.