Praise for Yahweh (Ps 35:27-35:28)

“Let those who desire my vindication

Shout for joy!

Let them be glad!

Let them say evermore!

‘Great is Yahweh!

He delights in the welfare of his servant!’

Then my tongue shall tell

Of your righteousness.

My tongue shall tell

Of your praise

All the day long.”

This psalm ends with those who were in favor of David shouting for joy. They were glad. They would be able to say that Yahweh is great because he delighted in the welfare of his servant David. The tongue of David would tell everyone about the righteousness of Yahweh. He would sing his praises all day long. David seems to think that he is doing Yahweh a favor by praising him, if Yahweh helps him out of his bad situations.