Prayer to end the desolation (Isa 64:10-64:12)

“Your holy cities

Have become a wilderness.

Zion has become a wilderness.

Jerusalem has become desolation.

Our holy beautiful house,

Where our ancestors praised you,

Has been burned by fire.

All our pleasant places

Have become ruins.

After all this,

Will you restrain yourself?

O Yahweh!

Will you keep silent?

Will you punish us so severely?”

This prophet wanted an end to the desolation in Jerusalem. The holy city had become a wilderness. Zion or Jerusalem was desolate. The beautiful house that his ancestors had worshipped in had been burned by fire, so that it lay in ruins with many other pleasant places. He wanted Yahweh to act and not be silent. Why had he punished them so severely?


Yahweh is my heritage (Ps 16:5-16:6)

“Yahweh is my chosen portion.

Yahweh is my cup.

You hold my lot!

The boundary lines have fallen

For me in pleasant places.

I have a goodly heritage.”

Instead of idols, the psalmist has chosen Yahweh as his portion. Yahweh is his cup. He is sticking with his lot. Thus his boundary lines have fallen into pleasant places. His land is good as he has a good heritage in Yahweh.