Walk in integrity (Ps 26:11-26:12)

“But as for me,

I walk in my integrity.

Redeem me!

Be gracious to me!

My foot stands on level ground.

In the great congregation

I will bless Yahweh.”

This psalm ends with the innocent David’s self-righteous plea that he had always walked in integrity. He wanted Yahweh to redeem him. He wanted Yahweh to be gracious to him. He had kept his feet on the level right path. In the congregations he blessed Yahweh. Therefore he was on the right side with Yahweh.

Trust in God (Ps 22:3-22:5)

“You are holy!

You are enthroned on the praises of Israel!

Our ancestors trusted in you.

They trusted.

You delivered them!

They cried to you.

They were saved.

They trusted in you!

They were not disappointed.”

This is a direct plea to God, the holy one, “you.” Israel praised God.  Their Israelite ancestors trusted in God. Thus they were delivered and rescued. They cried and they were saved. They trusted and were not disappointed.