Wood from Lebanon at the new Temple (Isa 60:13-60:13)

“The glory of Lebanon

Shall come to you.

The cypress tree,

The plane tree,

The pine tree,

Will beautify the place

Of my sanctuary.

I will glorify

Where my feet rest.”

Just as the wood from the first Temple of King Solomon came from cypress trees in Lebanon so too the new Temple would also have cypress wood from Lebanon. The glorious cypress, plane, and pine trees would beautify the place of the new sanctuary. Yahweh wanted to glorify the place where his feet rested.

God of trees (Isa 41:19-41:20)

“I will put in the wilderness

The cedar tree,

The acacia tree,

The myrtle tree,

The olive tree.

I will set in the desert

The cypress tree,

The plane tree,

Together with the pine tree.

Thus all may see,

All may know,

All may consider,

All may understand together,

That the hand of Yahweh

Has done this.

The Holy One of Israel

Has created it.”

Once again, assuming the first person singular in Second Isaiah, Yahweh says that he is the one who planted a bunch of trees in the desert wilderness. These trees include the cedar trees, the acacia trees, the myrtle trees, the olive trees, the cypress trees, the plane trees, and the pine trees. Once you realize this, you will see, know, consider, and understand that the hand of Yahweh has done all this. The Holy One of Israel has created all these trees.