Paul Makes His Defense Before King Herod Agrippa II

Paul was given permission to speak.  He was happy to defend himself before King Agrippa II.  He told them to listen to him.  They all knew how he had spent his life in Jerusalem.  Paul was a Pharisee.  He followed his ancestors and the promises made to the twelve tribes.  He said that God raised the dead.  He did many things against the name of Jesus.  He locked up the saints, punished them, and pursued them.  He was on his way to Damascus, when a light from heaven appeared.  A voice asked him why he was persecuting him.  Then the voice said that he was Jesus.  He was to get up on his feet and be rescued.  He was to open their eyes to the light.  Thus, Paul was not disobedient to this heavenly vision.  He went out and proclaimed repentance.  However, the Jews seized him.  Paul maintained that he was in line with the prophets and Moses, who had said that the Messiah Christ would suffer and rise from the dead.  Then Governor Festus called Paul insane.  Paul said he was telling the truth.  He said that King Agrippa II understood what he was talking about, since he believed in the prophets.  Was Paul trying to make King Agrippa II a Christian?  Paul wanted all of them to become Christians.  Then they all got up.  They all said that Paul had done nothing deserving death.  Thus, he could have been freed, if he had not appealed to Rome.