God controls human life (Job 34:16-34:20)

“If you have understanding,

Hear this!

Listen to what I say!

Shall one who hates justice govern?

Will you condemn one who is righteous and mighty?

Who says to a king?

‘You are a scoundrel!’

Who says to princes?

‘You are wicked men!’

Who shows no partiality to nobles?

Who does not regard the rich more than the poor?

They are all the work of his hands.

In a moment they die.

At midnight the people are shaken.

They pass away.

The mighty are taken away by no human hand.”

Once again, Elihu wanted them to listen to him. He kept reminding them to listen to him. Unjust people do not govern. We respect kings and princes because they are righteous and mighty. Don’t we treat the rich better than the poor? However, all of them are the work of God’s hands. In a moment they die. At midnight their time is up. They pass away but not through human hands.

Job knows that death awaits him (Job 14:18-14:22)

“But the mountain falls.

The mountain crumbles away.

The rock is removed from its place.

The waters wear away the stones.

The torrents wash away the soil of the earth.

Thus you destroy the hope of mortals.

You prevail forever against them.

They pass away.

You change their countenance.

You send them away.

Their children come to honor them.

They do not know it.

They are brought low.

It goes unnoticed.

They feel only the pain of their own bodies.

They mourn only for themselves.”

Job thought that the mountains would fall. That rocks and stones would wear away. Water would uproot the soil. Thus the same is true for mortals. Their hopes are dashed. God prevails against them as they pass away. In the end, although the children honor them, they only mourn for themselves. They know that this death awaits them. The future is bleak.