Oracle about the mighty nation (Isa 18:1-18:2)

“O land of whirring wings!

Beyond the rivers of Ethiopia!

They send ambassadors

By the Nile River

In vessels of papyrus

On the waters.


You swift messengers!

Go to a tall nation!

Go to a smooth nation!

Go to a people

Feared near and far!

Go to a mighty nation!

Go to a conquering nation!

Go to a nation

Whose land the rivers divide!”

Quite often Egypt and Ethiopia were united together. The older name of Ethiopia was Kush, one of the older sons of Ham, the son of Noah. Thus there was some relationship with them. Here it seems that they have swift ambassadors that use papyrus paper like vessels to deliver messages. The reference to a tall, smooth, mighty, and conquering nation could be Egypt, since there is a division between Ethiopia and Egypt.

Tobias is confused (Tob 5:1-5:3)

“Then Tobias answered his father Tobit.

‘I will do everything that you have commanded me, father.

But how can I obtain the money from him

Since he does not know me

And I do not know him.

What evidence am I to give him?

How will he recognize and trust me?  

Also, I do not know the road to Media,

Or how to get there.’

Then Tobit answered his son, Tobias.

‘He gave me his bond.

I gave him by bond.

I divided his in two.

We each took one part.

I put one with the money.

Now twenty years have passed

Since I left the money in trust.

So now, my son, find yourself a trustworthy man to go with you.

We will pay him wages until you return.

However, get back the money from Gabael.’”

Tobias was confused. He had no idea who this man was that had the money in Media. He was willing to follow all the commandments of his father, but this money deal was confusing. How was he going to prove that he was the son of Tobit. On top of that, he did not know how to get to Media. Tobit than told him that he had half a piece of paper that corresponded with the half piece of paper with the money. 20 years had gone by, so that this guy Gabael might be dead. Tobit said that his son Tobias should find a trustworthy companion to lead him to Media and back. He was going to pay this person who would help Tobias when they returned with the money.