Know your heart (Eccl 7:19-7:22)

“Wisdom gives strength

To the wise man

More than ten rulers

That are in a city.

Surely there is no one on earth

So righteous as to do good

Without ever sinning.

Do not give heed

To everything that people say.


You might hear

Your servant cursing you.

Your heart knows

That many times

You have yourself cursed others.”

Wisdom will give you strength more than 10 rulers in a city. However, there is no one on earth so righteous that they have never sinned. Do not listen to what people say or else you might hear your own servants cursing you. Your heart really knows that you have cursed others. Qoheleth seems very realistic here, or maybe cynical. Nobody is pure. Everyone has cursed someone else at some time. Accept that fact.