More beautiful than ever (Isa 60:17-60:18)

“Instead of bronze

I will bring gold.

Instead of iron,

I will bring silver.

Instead of wood,

I will bring bronze.

Instead of stones,

I will bring iron.

I will appoint peace

As your overseer.

I will appoint righteousness

As your taskmaster.

Violence shall no more

Be heard in your land.

Devastation shall no more

Be within your borders.

Destruction shall no more

Be within your borders.

You shall call your walls


You shall call your gates


The new Temple will be more beautiful than the older destroyed Temple of King Solomon, if that is possible. Instead of bronze, there will be gold. Instead of iron, there will be silver. In the place of wood, there will be bronze. In the place of stones, there will be iron. Peace and righteousness will be the overseer and taskmaster for this project. There will be no more violence, devastation, or destruction within its borders. The walls will be called salvation and the gates praise. This will be some great place.

The Benjaminites living in Jerusalem (Neh 11:7-11:9)

“These are the Benjaminites. Sallu was the son of Meshullam, son of Joed, son of Pedaiah, son of Kolaiah, son of Maaseiah, son of Ithiel, son of Jeshaiah. His brothers Gabbai and Sallai had a group of nine hundred twenty-eight. Joel son of Zichri was their overseer. Judah the son of Hassenuah was second in charge of the city.”

Sallu was the leading Benjaminite.   It is interesting to note the role of the Benjaminites, since Jerusalem was technically in the Benjamin territory. His brothers Gabbai and Sallai led a group of 928. However Joel was in charge with Judah the 2nd in command.