The ordinances of the Temple (Ezek 44:5-44:5)

“Yahweh said to me.

‘Son of man!

Mark well!

Look closely!

Hear attentively

To all that I shall tell you

Concerning all the ordinances

Of the temple

Of Yahweh

With all its laws!

Mark well

Those who may be admitted

To the temple!

Mark well

Those who are to be excluded

From the sanctuary!’”

Yahweh then proceeded to outline all the ordinances about the Temple to Ezekiel, the son of man. Ezekiel was to be observant, pay attention, and listen to what Yahweh had to say. Yahweh was going to enumerate all the laws about the Temple of Yahweh. Ezekiel was to take special notice about who would be admitted into the Temple. Certain people were to be excluded from the sanctuary.

Outline of the Book of Ecclesiastes

The Book of Ecclesiastes



Qoheleth (Eccl 1:1-1:1)

Vanity of vanities (Eccl 1:2-1:3)


Part One

The earth around us (Eccl 1:4-1:7)

What is new? (Eccl 1:8-1:11)


1. The life of Solomon

King of Israel (Eccl 1:12-1:12)

The foolish search (Eccl 1:13-1:14)

The wise Qoheleth (Eccl 1:15-1:18)


The vanity of pleasure (Eccl 2:1-2:3)

Luxurious wealth (Eccl 2:4-2:8)

The vanity of greatness (Eccl 2:9-2:11)

The importance of wisdom (Eccl 2:12-2:14)

The wise ones and the fools both die (Eccl 2:14-2:17)

The vanity of hard work (Eccl 2:18-2:23)

Please God (Eccl 2:24-2:26)


 2. Death

The right time (Eccl 3:1-3:8)

The human task (Eccl 3:9-3:11)

Be happy (Eccl 3:12-3:13)

God’s role (Eccl 3:14-3:15)

The wickedness (Eccl 3:16-3:17)

Humans and animals (Eccl 3:18-3:21)

Enjoy your work (Eccl 3:22-3:22)


3. The community

Oppression (Eccl 4:1-4:3)

The futility of work (Eccl 4:4-4:6)

The solitary worker (Eccl 4:7-4:8)

Work together (Eccl 4:9-4:12)

The old foolish king (Eccl 4:13-4:16)


Good conduct at the Temple (Eccl 5:1-5:3)

Vows (Eccl 5:4-5:6)

Dreams (Eccl 5:7-5:7)

Oppression (Eccl 5:8-5:9)


 4. Money

The vanity of money (Eccl 5:10-5:11)

Sleep (Eccl 5:12-5:12)

Lost wealth (Eccl 5:13-5:17)

Enjoy your wealth (Eccl 5:18-5:20)


The inability to enjoy a wealthy life (Eccl 6:1-6:6)

The appetites of humans (Eccl 6:7-6:9)

Humans as passing shadows (Eccl 6:10-6:12)


Part Two


The dichotomies of life (Eccl 7:1-7:7)


1. The sanctions

Pass on wisdom (Eccl 7:8-7:12)

Prosperity and adversity (Eccl 7:13-7:14)

Don’t be too wise or too wicked (Eccl 7:15-7:18)

Know your heart (Eccl 7:19-7:22)

The search for wisdom (Eccl 7:23-7:25)

Watch out for women (Eccl 7:26-7:29)


Who is the wise man? (Eccl 8:1-8:1)

The power of the king (Eccl 8:2-8:5)

The right time (Eccl 8:6-8:9)

The wicked (Eccl 8:10-8:14)

Enjoy yourself (Eccl 8:15-8:15)


2. Love

The hidden work of God (Eccl 8:16-8:17)


We do not know love (Eccl 9:1-9:1)

We all share the same fate (Eccl 9:2-9:6)

Enjoy life (Eccl 9:7-9:10)


3. Chance

Life is a game of chance (Eccl 9:11-9:12)

Wisdom versus strength (Eccl 9:13-9:16)

Quiet wise words (Eccl 9:17-9:18)


The fools (Eccl 10:1-10:3)

Upside down world (Eccl 10:4-10:7)

Be careful in what you do (Eccl 10:8-10:11)

Words of the foolish (Eccl 10:12-10:15)

The land and its ruler (Eccl 10:16-10:17)

Be careful about what you say (Eccl 10:18-10:20)


The uncertainty of life (Eccl 11:1-11:3)

Planting seeds (Eccl 11:4-11:6)


4. Age

Light (Eccl 11:7-11:8)

Happy youth (Eccl 11:9-11:10)


Loss of the light (Eccl 12:1-12:2)

The impending death of old age (Eccl 12:3-12:7)

Vanity (Eccl 12:8-12:8)



Qoheleth (Eccl 12:9-12:10)

Wise sayings (Eccl 12:11-12:12)

Fear God (Eccl 12:13-12:14)

Outline of the Book of 1 Samuel

Outline of the Book of 1 Samuel


1 Samuel General Structure (per Jerusalem Bible)


I – Samuel

1. The childhood of Samuel

The pilgrimage to Shiloh (1 Sam 1:1-1:8)

The prayer of Hannah (1 Sam 1:9-1:18)

The birth and consecration of Samuel (1 Sam 1:19-1:28)

The Canticle of Hannah(1 Sam 2:1-2:11)

The useless sons of Eli (1 Sam 2:12-2:17)

Samuel at Shiloh (1 Sam 2:18-:20)

The other children of Hannah (1 Sam 2:21-2:21)

The sins of the sons of Eli (1 Sam 2:22-2:25)

Samuel grows in stature (1 Sam 2:26-2:26)

The announcement of the punishment for Eli’s two sons (1 Sam 2:27-2:36)

Yahweh’s call to Samuel (1 Sam 3:1-3:9)

Yahweh reveals to Samuel the fall of the house of Eli (1 Sam 3:10-3:18)

Samuel continues to grow as a prophet (1 Sam 3:19-4:1)


2. The Ark of the Covenant among the Philistines

The Ark of the Covenant in the Israelite-Philistine war (1 Sam 4:1-4:9)

Philistine victory and the capture of the Ark of the Covenant (1 Sam 4:10-4:11)

The death of the priest Eli (1 Sam 4:12-4:18)

Death of the wife of Phinehas at child birth (1 Sam 4:19-4:22)

The Philistine god Dagon and the Ark of the Covenant (1 Sam 5:1-5:5)

The setbacks and tumors of the Philistines with the Ark of the Covenant (1 Sam 5:6-5:12)

The Philistines return the Ark of the Covenant (1 Sam 6:1-6:12)

The ark at Beth-shemesh (1 Sam 6:13-6:19)

The ark at Kiriath-jearim (1 Sam 6:20-7:2)

Samuel calls for repentance (1 Sam 7:3-7:6)

Samuel the liberator (1 Sam 7:7-7:14)

Samuel the judge (1 Sam 7:15-7:17)


II – Samuel and Saul

1. Institution of the Kingdom

The sons of Samuel (1 Sam 8:1-8:3)

The people demand a king (1 Sam 8:4-8:9)

The problems with a king (1 Sam 8:10-8:22)

Saul (1 Sam 9:1-9:2)

Saul and his father’s lost donkeys (1 Sam 9:3-9:10)

Saul meets Samuel (1 Sam 9:11-9:21)

Saul eats with Samuel (1 Sam 9:22-9:25)

Samuel anoints Saul (1 Sam 9:26-10:1)

Samuel instructs Saul on where to go (1 Sam 10:1-10:8)

The return home of Saul (1 Sam 10:9-10:16)

Yahweh is not happy about the idea of a king (1 Sam 10:17-10:19)

Saul is chosen as king by a lottery (1 Sam 10:20-10:27)

The threat of Nahash, the Ammonite (1 Sam 11:1-11:4)

Preparing for the battle against the Ammonites (1 Sam 11:5-11:10)

Victory against the Ammonites (1 Sam 11:11-11:11)

Saul is proclaimed king (1 Sam 11:12-11:15)

The integrity of Samuel (1 Sam 12:1-12:5)

Samuel reminds them of Yahweh’s help to their ancestors (1 Sam 12:6-12:11)

Samuel reminds them of their recent history (1 Sam 12:12-12:15)

Samuel reminds them that they must serve Yahweh (1 Sam 12:16-12:25)


2. Beginning of the Reign of Saul

The age and reign of Saul (1 Sam 13:1-13:1)

Preparing to fight the Philistines (1 Sam 13:2-13:7)

Rupture between Samuel and Saul (1 Sam 13:8-13:15)

Preparing for war (1 Sam 13:16-13:23)

Jonathan attacks the Philistine garrison (1 Sam 14:1-14:14)

The general battle (1 Sam 14:15-14:23)

The interdiction oath of Saul (1 Sam 14:24-14:24)

Jonathan violates Saul’s interdiction (1 Sam 14:25-14:30)

Ritual fault of the people eating the blood of the animals (1 Sam 14:31-14:35)

Jonathan recognizes his culpability and is saved by the people (1 Sam.14:36-11:46)

The reign of Saul continues against his enemies (1 Sam 14:47-14:48)

The family of Saul (1 Sam 14:49-14:52)

The holy war against the Amalekites (1 Sam 15:1-15:9)

Saul is rejected by Yahweh (1 Sam 15:10-15:11)

Samuel confronts Saul (1 Sam 15:12-15:21)

The Oracle of Samuel (1 Sam 15:22-15:23)

Saul implores in vain for forgiveness (1 Sam 15:24-15:31)

Samuel kills Agag (1 Sam 15:32-15:33)

Departure of Samuel (1 Sam 15:34-15:35)

III – Saul and David

1. David

Yahweh sends Samuel to Bethlehem (1 Sam 16:1-16:5)

The anointing of David (1 Sam 16:6-16:13)

David enters the service of Saul (1 Sam 16:14-16:23)

Goliath defies the Israelite army (1 Sam 17:1-17:11)

David with his father and brothers (1 Sam 17:12-17:19)

David arrives at the battle camp (1 Sam 17:20-17:30)

David offers to fight Goliath (1 Sam.17:31-17:39)

The preparations for the combat (1 Sam 17:40-17:47)

David defeats the Philistine (1 Sam 17:48-17:54)

The victorious David is presented to Saul (1 Sam 17:55-17:58)

David and Jonathan become good friends (1 Sam 18:1-18:5)

The jealousy of Saul (1 Sam 18:6-18:9)

Saul throws his spear at David (1 Sam 18:10-18:11)

David, the leader of the thousands (1 Sam 18:12-18:16)

David does not want to be Saul’s son-in-law (1 Sam 18:17-18:19)

The Marriage of David to Michal (1 Sam 18:20-18:30)

Jonathan intercedes for David (1 Sam 19:1-19:7)


2. Flight of David

The attack of Saul against David (1 Sam 19:8-19:10)

David is saved by his wife Michal (1 Sam 19:11-19:17)

The frenzied prophets at Naioth (1 Sam 19:18-19:24)

The meeting between Jonathan and David (1 Sam 20:1-20:3)

The love pact between Jonathan and David (1 Sam 20:4-20:17)

The complicated plan of Jonathan and David (1 Sam 20:18-20:23)

David is missing at the festival table (1 Sam 20:24-20:34)

The plan of Jonathan and David in action (1 Sam 20:35-20:40)

Final farewell of Jonathan and David (1 Sam 20:41-20:42)

David at Nob (1 Sam 21:1-21:9)

David at Gath (1 Sam 21:10-21:15)


3. David, chief of the outlaw gang

David gathers people around him at Adullam (1 Sam 22:1:22:2)

David went to Moab (1 Sam 22:3:22:4)

The prophet Gad (1 Sam 22:5:22:5)

Saul is upset (1 Sam 22:6-22:8)

Doeg the Edomite (1 Sam 22:9-22:10)

Saul questions Ahimelech (1 Sam 22:11-22:15)

The massacre of Ahimelech with the priests and people of Nob (1 Sam 22:16-22:19)

Abiathar goes to David (1 Sam 22:20-22:23)

David’s victory at Keilah (1 Sam 23:1-23:14)

Jonathan visits David (1 Sam 23:15-23:18)

The Ziphites report David to Saul (1 Sam 23:19-23:24)

David alludes Saul at the Rock of Escape (1 Sam 23:24-23:29)

David refuses to attack Saul in the cave (1 Sam 24:1-24:7)

David and Saul reconcile (1 Sam 24:8-24:23)

The death of Samuel (1 Sam 25:1-25:1)

David and Nabal (1 Sam 25:1-25:13)

The kindness of Abigail, Nabal’s wife, to David (1 Sam 25:14-25:35)

The death of Nabal (1 Sam 25:36-25:38)

David marries the widow Abigail (1 Sam 25:39-25:42)

The wives of David (1 Sam 25:43-25:44)

Saul pursues David (1 Sam 26:1-26:5)

David finds Saul (1 Sam 26:6-26:16)

Saul and David reconcile with each other again (1 Sam 26:17-26:25)


4. David among the Philistines

David seeks refuge at Gath (1 Sam 27:1-27:4)

David receives the town of Ziklag from King Achish (1 Sam 27:5-27:7)

David serves the Philistine King Achish (1 Sam 27:8-27:12)

The Philistines prepare for a war against Israel (1 Sam 28:1-28:2)

The death of Samuel (1 Sam 28:3-28:3)

Saul and the soothsayer at Endor (1 Sam 28:3-28:14)

The appearance of Samuel to Saul (1 Sam 28:15-28:19)

The reaction of Saul (1 Sam 28:20-28:25)

The Philistines refuse to fight with David on their side (1 Sam 29:1-29:5)

King Achish sends David home (1 Sam 29:6-29:11)

The Amalekites attack Ziklag (1 Sam 30:1-30:6)

David plans to pursue the Amalekites (1 Sam 30:7-30:10)

David meets the sick Egyptian (1 Sam 30:11-30:15)

David attacks the Amalekites (1 Sam 30:16-30:20)

David shares the spoils equally (1 Sam 30:21-30:31)

Saul and his three sons die at the battle of Gilboa (1 Sam 31:1-31:7)

The fate of Saul’s body (1 Sam 31:8-31:13)




Outline of the Book of Judges

Joshua General Structure (per Jerusalem Bible)


1)      First Introduction

Summary of the settlements in Canaan

The settlement of Judah and Simeon (Judg 1:1-1:10)

Caleb, Judah, and Benjamin (Judg 1:11-1:21)

The settlement of the house of Joseph at Bethel (Judg 1:22-1:26)

The settlement of the tribes in the north (Judg 1:27-1:36)

The angel of Yahweh announces evil to come upon Israel (Judg 2:1-2:5)


2)      Second Introduction

General considerations about the period of the Judges

The end of the life of Joshua (Judg 2:6-2:10)

The infidelity and punishment of the following generations (Judg 2:11-2:15)

The temporary solution of the judges (Judg 2:16-2:19)

The reason for the permanence of the foreign nations (Judg 2:20-2:23)

People nations that remained in Canaan (Judg 3:1-3:6)


3)      History of the Judges

a)      Othniel

Othniel (Judg 3:7-3:11)


b)      Ehud

Ehud (Judg 3:12-3:30)


c)      Shamgar

Shamgar (Judg 3:31-3:31)


d)     Deborah and Barak

Israel is oppressed by the Canaanite King Jabin (Judg 4:1-4:3)

Deborah (Judg 4:4-4:10)

Heber the Kenite (Judg 4:11-4:11)

The defeat of the army of Sisera (Judg 4:12-4:16)

The death of Sisera (Judg 4:17-4:22)

The deliverance of Israel from King Jabin of Canaan (Judg 4:23-4:24)


e)      Canticle of Debora and Barak

The Canticle of Deborah and Barak (Judg 5:1-5:31)


f)       Gideon and Abimelech

1. Vocation of Gideon

Israel is oppressed by the Midianites (Judg 6:1-6:6)

The intervention of an unnamed prophet (Judg 6:7-6:10)

The appearance of the angel of Yahweh to Gideon (Judg 6:11-6:24)

Gideon tears down the family Baal altar (Judg 6:25-6:32)

The call to arms for the northern tribes (Judg 6:33-6:35)

The fleece test (Judg 6:36-6:40)


2. Campaign of Gideon in the west Jordan area

Yahweh reduces the size of the army of Gideon (Judg 7:1-7:8)

The dream of victory (Judg 7:9-7:15)

The surprise attack (Judg 7:16-7:22)

The pursuit of the Midianites (Judg 7:23-7:25)

The complaint of the Ephraimites (Judg 8:1-8:3)


3. Campaign of Gideon across the Jordan

Gideon asks for food at Succoth and Penuel (Judg 8:4-8:9)

The defeat of Zebah and Zalmunna (Judg 8:10-8:12)

The vengeance of Gideon (Judg 8:13-8:21)

The life of Gideon (Judg 8:22-8:28)

The family of Gideon (Judg 8:29-8:32)

The fall of Israel again (Judg 8:33-8:35)


4. The kingdom of Abimelech

Abimelech becomes king of Shechem (Judg 9:1-9:6)

The poetic cry of Jotham (Judg 9:7-9:15)

Jotham rants at Shechem and flees (Judg 9:16-9:21)

The revolt of the Shechemites against Abimelech (Judg 9:22-9:25)

The disagreement between Gaal and Abimelech’s chief Zebul (Judg 9:26-9:41)

The destruction of Shechem (Judg 9:42-9:49)

The death of Abimelech at the siege of Thebez (Judg 9:50-9:57)


g)      Jephthah and the small judges

1. Tola

Tola (Judg 10:1-10:2)


2. Jair

Jair (Judg 10:3-10:5)


3. Jephthah

The oppression of the Ammonites (Judg 10:6-10:9)

The cry of the Israelites (Judg 10:10-10:16)

Jephthah becomes the new leader (Judg 10:17-11:11)

Jephthah sends messengers to the Ammonites (Judg 11:12-11:28)

The victory of Jephthah (Judg 11:29-11:33)

The fulfillment of the vow of Jephthah (Judg 11:34-11:40)

The war between Ephraim and Gilead (Judg 12:1-12:6)

The death of Jephthah (Judg 12:7-12:7)


h)      Ibzan

Ibzan (Judg 12:8-12:10)


i)        Elon

Elon (Judg 12:11-12:12)


j)        Abdon

Abdon (Judg 12:13-12:15)


k)      Samson

The Philistine rule (Judg 13:1-13:1)

The announcement of the birth of Samson (Judg 13:2-13:7)

The appearance of the Angel of Yahweh to Manoah and his wife (Judg 13:8-13:23)

The birth of Samson (Judg 13:24-13:25)

Samson and the Philistine woman of Timnah (Judg 14:1-14:4)

Samson and the lion (Judg 14:5-14:9)

Samson’s riddle (Judg 14:10-14:20)

Samson burns the harvest of the Philistines (Judg 15:1-15:8)

Samson kills one thousand Philistines with the jawbone of a donkey (Judg 15:9-15:20)

The episode at the gates of Gaza (Judg 16:1-16:3)

Delilah betraysSamson (Judg 16:4-16:22)

Vengeance and the death of Samson (Judg 16:23-16:31)


4)      Appendix

a)      The shrine of Micah and the Danites

The private shrine of Micah (Judg 17:1-17:6)

The Levite from Bethlehem meets Micah (Judg 17:7-17:13)

The Danites at Micah’s house (Judg 18:1-18:6)

The Danites search for new territory (Judg 18:7-18:10)

All the Danites invade the house of Micah (Judg 18:11-18:26)

The taking and establishment of Laish (Judg 18:27-18:31)


b)      The crime of Gibeah and the war against Benjamin

The Levite of Ephraim and his concubine (Judg 19:1-19:10)

The Levite goes to Gibeah (Judg 19:11-19:21)

The crime of Gibeah (Judg 19:22-19:30)

The Israelites take vengeance against the crime at Gibeah (Judg 20:1-20:11)

The Benjaminites are obstinate (Judg 20:12-20:17)

The first combat between the Israelites and the Benjaminites (Judg 20:18-20:28)

The defeat of the Benjaminites (Judg 20:29-20:36)

The extermination of the Benjaminites (Judg 20:36-20:48)