Outline of the Book of Esther

Outline of the Book of Esther


Mordecai (Greek text only)

The dream of Mordecai (Greek text only)

Interpreting the dream of Mordecai (Greek text only)

The plot against King Artaxerxes (Greek text only)


I. King Artaxerxes and Queen Vashti

The kingdom of King Artaxerxes (Esth 1:1-1:4)

The seven day feast of King Artaxerxes (Esth 1:5-1:8)

Queen Vashti and her banquet (Esth 1:9-1:11)

Queen Vashti refuses to come to the party (Esth 1:12-1:20)

The king agrees with Muchaeus (Esth 1:21-1:22)


II. Mordecai and Esther

The king searches for a new queen (Esth 2:1-2:5)

Mordecai and Esther (Esth 2:5-2:7)

Esther joins the king’s harem (Esth 2:8-2:11)

The king’s audition (Esth 2:12-2:14)

Esther becomes the new queen (Esth 2:15-2:18)

Esther keeps her Jewish background secret (Esth 2:19-2:21)

Mordecai and the plot to kill the king (Esth 2:21-2:23)


III.      The Jewish Menace

Haman is in charge (Esth 3:1-3:6)

They cast lots to determine the perfect day (Esth 3:7-3:9)

Haman proposes his plan to the king (Esth 3:8-3:9)

The signet ring (Esth 3:10-3:11)

The sending of the decree (Esth 3:12-3:13)

The title of the decree for the extermination of the Jews (Greek text only)

The decree states the need for peace and tranquility (Greek text only)

The decree is against one group of disruptive people (Greek text only)

The decree for the extermination of the Jews (Greek text only)

The posting of the decree (Esth 3:14-3:15)

Mordecai finds out about the decree (Esth 4:1-4:3)

Queen Esther finds out about the situation of Mordecai (Esth 4:4-4:5)

Mordecai sends the decree to Queen Esther (Esth 4:6-4:8)

Queen Esther sends a message to Mordecai (Esth 4:9-4:11)

Mordecai tells Queen Esther not to be silent (Esth 4:12-4:14)

Queen Esther calls for a fast (Esth 4:15-4:17)

The prayer of Mordecai to God the creator (Greek text only)

The prayer of Mordecai on why he did not bow to Haman (Greek text only)

The prayer of Mordecai to God to save Israel (Greek text only)

Queen Esther puts away her normal clothes (Greek text only)

The prayer of Queen Esther to God (Greek text only)

Queen Esther asks God for courage (Greek text only)

Queen Esther dresses up to go to the Palace (Greek text only)

Queen Esther encounters the king (Greek text only)

Queen Esther faints again (Greek text only)

Queen Esther goes to the palace (Esth 5:1-5:3)

Queen Esther invites the king and Haman to dinner (Esth 5:4-5:8)

Haman was happy (Esth 5:9-5:13)

Haman prepares the gallows (Esth 5:14-5:14)


IV. The revenge of the Jews

The king remembers the work of Mordecai (Esth 6:1-6:3)

The king asks Haman for advice (Esth 6:4-6:10)

Haman honors Mordecai (Esth 6:11-6:12)

Haman realizes that he is in trouble (Esth 6:12-6:14)

Haman at the banquet of Queen Esther (Esth 7:1-7:6)

Haman pleads with Queen Esther (Esth 7:7-7:7)

Haman is hung on his own gallows (Esth 7:8-7:10)

The property of Haman goes to Queen Esther (Esth 8:1-8:2)

Queen Esther asks for the revocation of the Haman decree (Esth 8:3-8:6)

The response of the king (Esth 8:7-8:8)

Mordecai writes the letter about the Jews to the empire (Esth 8:9-8:12)

The title of the letter that favors the Jews (Greek text only)

Those who receive much should be generous (Greek text only)

The bad behavior of the past (Greek text only)

The problem of Haman (Greek text only)

The Jews are good people (Greek text only)

The problem of the thirteenth day of Adar (Greek text only)

Follow this order carefully (Greek text only)

The sending of the royal edict that favors the Jews (Esth 8:13-8:14)

The triumph of Mordecai and the Jews (Esth 8:15-8:17)

The great day of execution arrives (Esth 9:1-9:4)

The killing of the ten sons of Haman in Susa (Esth 9:5-9:15)

The Jews kill 75,000 people in the provinces (Esth 9:16-9:17)

The Jews in Susa celebrate (Esth 9:18-9:19)


V. The Feast of Purim

The official institution of Purim (Esth 9:20-9:23)

The origin of the name Purim (Esth 9:24-9:28)

Queen Esther on Purim (Esth 9:29-9:32)

Praise for Mordecai (Esth10:1-10:3)

The interpretation of Mordecai’s dream (Greek text only)

Purim in Egypt (Greek text only)