Outline of Proverbs

Outline of Proverbs


General Title

Title (Prov 1:1-1:1)

Introduction (Prov 1:2-1:6)

The beginning of knowledge (Prov 1:7-1:7)


I. Prologue – Recommendation of Wisdom

The wise children listen to their parents (Prov 1:8-1:10)

Watch your companions (Prov 1:10-1:19)

Wisdom cries out in public (Prov 1:20-1:23)

They refuse wisdom (Prov 1:24-1:33)


Parental advice (Prov 2:1-2:9)

Wisdom will save you from evil people (Prov 2:10-2:15)

Watch out for the loose woman (Prov 2:16-2:19)

The upright man (Prov 2:20-2:22)


Listen to your parents (Prov 3:1-3:2)

Be loyal and faithful (Prov 3:3-3:4)

Trust in Yahweh (Prov 3:5-3:8)

Honor Yahweh (Prov 3:9-3:10)

Accept the discipline of Yahweh (Prov 3:11-3:12)

Wisdom and happiness (Prov 3:13-3:18)

The wisdom of Yahweh (Prov 3:19-3:20)

Keep wisdom (Prov 3:21-3:26)

Treat other people well (Prov 3:27-3:35)


Parental wisdom teaching (Prov 4:1-4:9)

Have a long life (Prov 4:10-4:13)

Avoid the wicked (Prov 4:14-4:17)

The two ways (Prov 4:18-4:19)

Keep on the straight and narrow (Prov 4:20-4:27)


The loose woman (Prov 5:1-5:6)

Beware of female strangers (Prov 5:7-5:14)

The water fountain (Prov 5:15-5:18)

The wife of your youth (Prov 5:18-5:23)


Do not use your property as collateral (Prov 6:1-6:5)

Laziness (Prov 6:6-6:11)

The scoundrel (Prov 6:12-6:15)

Seven ugly vices (Prov 6:16-6:19)

The importance of paternal commandments (Prov 6:20-6:22)

Stay away from the adulterous women (Prov 6:24-6:35)


The importance of paternal advice (Prov 7:1-7:5)

The simple one (Prov 7:6-7:9)

The seduction of the prostitute (Prov 7:10-7:20)

The agreement with the prostitute (Prov 7:21-7:23)

The house of death (Prov 7:24-7:27)


Lady wisdom speaks (Prov 8:1-8:11)

A description of wisdom (Prov 8:12-8:21)

Creative wisdom (Prov 8:22-8:31)

Listen to instructions (Prov 8:32-8:36)


The invitation of wisdom to the banquet (Prov 9:1-9:6)

Scoffers (Prov 9:7-9:12)

The foolish woman (Prov 9:13-9:18)


 II.The Grand Collection of Solomon

Title (Prov 10:1-10:1)

The wise child (Prov 10:2-10:5)

The righteous and the wicked (Prov 10:6-10:11)

Hatred (Prov 10:12-10:18)

Use of words (Prov 10:19-10:21)

Blessings of Yahweh (Prov 10:22-10:29)

The lips of the righteous (Prov 10:30-10:32)


Integrity (Prov 11:1-11:4)

Righteousness (Prov 11:5-11:9)

City life (Prov 11:10-11:14)

Money (Prov 11:15-11:19)

Crooked minds (Prov 11:20-11:23)

Generosity (Prov 11:24-11:28)

The results of actions (Prov 11:29-11:31)


Discipline (Prov 12:1-12:1)

A good person (Prov 12:2-12:3)

The good wife (Prov 12:4-12:4)

The righteous (Prov 12:5-12:11)

Manual labor (Prov 12:12-12:14)

Fools (Prov 12:15-12:16)

Truth (Prov 12:17-12:22)

Clever ones (Prov 12:23-12:25)

The life of righteousness (Prov 12:26-12:28)


The lazy ones (Prov 13:1-13:4)

Righteousness (Prov 13:5-13:6)

Rich and poor (Prov 13:7-13:11)

Hope and knowledge (Prov 13:12-13:19)

Good companions (Prov 13:20-13:21)

Inheritance (Prov 13:22-13:25)


The wise ones (Prov 14:1-14:3)

Oxen (Prov 14:4-14:4)

Lies (Prov 14:5-14:8)

The wicked (Prov 14:9-14:13)

The perverse simple fools (Prov 14:14-14:19)

The neighbor (Prov 14:20-14:22)

Profit (Prov 14:23-14:25)

Fear of Yahweh (Prov 14:26-14:27)

The ruler king (Prov 14:28-14:35)


Gentle tongue (Prov 15:1-15:4)

The fools (Prov 15:5-15:7)

The wicked (Prov 15:8-15:12)

The glad heart (Prov 15:13-15:15)

The good diner (Prov 15:16-15:17)

Hot temper (Prov 15:18-15:19)

The wise child (Prov 15:20-15:23)

Path of life (Prov 15:24-15:25)

The wicked (Prov 15:26-15:30)

Listen to instruction (Prov 15:31-15:33)


The role of humans (Prov 16:1-16:4)

The role of Yahweh (Prov 16:5-16:9)

The role of the king (Prov 16: 10-16:15)

The value of wisdom (Prov 16:16-16:17)

Pride (Prov 16:18-16:21)

The pleasant words (Prov 16:22-16:26)

Perverse scoundrels (Prov 16:27-16:30)

Slow to anger (Prov 16:31-16:33)


Shared wealth (Prov 17:1-17:5)

Grandchildren (Prov 17:6-17:6)

Fools (Prov 17:7-17:10)

Evil men (Prov 17:11-17:15)

Fools, friends, and family (Prov 17:16-1:17)

The senseless (Prov 17:18-17:20)

The foolish children (Prov 17:21-17:28)


The fool (Prov 18:1-18:3)

Words of a fool (Prov 18:4-18: 8)

The strong tower of Yahweh (Prov 18:9-18:12)

The intelligent ones (Prov 18:13-18:17)

Casting Lots (Prov 18:18-18:21)

The good wife (Prov 18:22-18:24)


The poor (Prov 19:1-19:7)

Wisdom (Prov 19:8-19:9)

Royal power (Prov 19:10-19:12)

The prudent wife (Prov 19:13-19:14)

Laziness (Prov 19:15-19:17)

Discipline your child (Prov 19:18-19:22)

Fear of Yahweh (Prov 19:23-19:25)

The violent children (Prov 19:26-19:27)

Worthless mocking witness (Prov 19:28-19:29)


Wine (Prov 20:1-20:2)

Strife (Prov 20:3-20:6)

Righteous humans (Prov 20:7-20:10)

Yahweh knows (Prov 20:11-20:13)

Business transactions (Prov 20:14-20:17)

Advice (Prov 20:18-20:20)

Estates (Prov 20:21-20:24)

Religious vows (Prov 20:25-20:30)


Yahweh controls things (Prov 21:1-21:4)

Evil doers (Prov 21:5-21:8)

Troublesome people (Prov 21:9-21:11)

The righteous (Prov 21:12-21:15)

The results of actions (Prov 21:16-21:18)

Precious treasure (Prov 21:19-21:21)

The wise person (Prov 21:22-21:23)

The proud, the lazy, and the wicked (Prov 21:24-21:29)

The power of Yahweh (Prov 21:30-21:31)


Riches (Prov 22:1-22:4)

Be careful (Prov 22:5-22:8)

The generous ones (Prov 22:9-22:13)

Loose woman (Prov 22:14-22:16)


 III. The Collection of the Wise

The wise one speaks (Prov 22:17-22:19)

The thirty sayings (Prov 22:20-22:21)

Robbing the poor (Prov 22:22-22:23)

Stay away from the angry ones (Prov 22:24-22:25)

Debt pledges (Prov 22:26-22:27)

False boundaries (Prov 22:28-22:29)


Good eating manners (Prov 23:1-23:3)

Fleeting wealth (Prov 23:4-23:5)

Be careful who you eat with (Prov 23:6-23:8)

The fool (Prov 23:9-23:9)

Do not take advantage of others (Prov 23:10-23:11)

Be a good student (Prov 23:12-23:12)

Discipline your children (Prov 23:13-23:16)

Have hope (Prov 23:17-23:19)

Drunkards and gluttons (Prov 23:20-23:21)

Respect your parents (Prov 23:22-23:22)

Truth and wisdom (Prov 23:23-23:23)

Good children (Prov 23:24-23:26)

The prostitute (Prov 23:27-23:28)

The wine drinker (Prov 23:29-23:35)


The wicked (Prov 24:1-24:2)

Wisdom and knowledge (Prov 24:3-24:7)

Mischief makers (Prov 24:8-24:10)

The consequences of non-action (Prov 24:11-24:12)

Wisdom and honey (Prov 24:13-24:14)

The evil enemies (Prov 24:15-24:20)

Fear Yahweh (Prov 24:21-24:22)


 IV. Another Collection of the Wise

The wicked (Prov 24:23-24:26)

Take care of the fields (Prov 24:27-24:27)

Live with your neighbors (Prov 24:28-24:29)

Badly kept fields (Prov 24:30-24:32)

Sleep (Prov 24:33-24:34)


 V.Second Collection of Solomon

King Hezekiah copies (Prov 25:1-25:1)

The role of the kings (Prov 25:2-25:7)

Disputes with neighbors (Prov 25:7-25:10)

The importance of words (Prov 25:11-25:13)

Patience and honey (Prov 25:14-25:16)

Your neighbor (Prov 25:17-25:19)

Be careful of what you do (Prov 25:20-25:22)

Contentious woman (Prov 25:24-25:25)

Lack of self control (Prov 25:26-25:28)


Useless actions (Prov 26:1-26:3)

The comparisons of a fool (Prov 26:4-26:12)

The lazy man (Prov 26:13-26:16)

Stay out of trouble (Prov 26:17-26:19)

Whisperers (Prov 26:20-26:22)

Watch your tongue (Prov 26:23-26:28)


Do not boast (Prov 27:1-27:1)

Do not praise yourself (Prov 27:2-27:2)

Foolish jealousy (Prov 27:3-27:4)

Odd situations (Prov 27:5-27:7)

Good friends (Prov 27:8-27:10)

Wise and clever (Prov 27:11-27:12)

Pledges (Prov 27:13-27:13)

Contentious wife (Prov 27:14-27:16)

Good consequences (Prov 27:17-27:19)

Death and the fool (Prov 27:20-27:22)

Take care of your farm animals (Prov 27:23-27:27)


The wicked (Prov 28:1-28:1)

Just ruler (Prov 28:2-28:5)

The poor (Prov 28:6-28:7)

Inheritance (Prov 28:8-28:10)

The righteous (Prov 28:11-28:13)

The wicked ruler (Prov 28:14-28:17)

A faithful man (Prov 28:18-28:20)

The selfish misers (Prov 28:21-28:28)


The righteous in charge (Prov 29:1-29:4)

The righteous man (Prov 29:5-29:7)

The wise man (Prov 29:8-29:11)

The good and the bad king (Prov 29:12-29:14)

Discipline children (Prov 29:15-29:17)

Watch how people say things (Prov 29:18-29:20)

Difficult people (Prov 29:21-29:24)

Trust in Yahweh (Prov 29:25-29:27)


 VI. The Words of Agur

Agur (Prov 30:1-30:1)

The weary man (Prov 30:1-30:1)

Stupidity (Prov 30:2-30:3)

The questions (Prov 30:4-30:4)

The word of God (Prov 30:5-30:6)

Lying (Prov 30:7-30:8)

What shall I do? (Prov 30:8-30:9)

Servants (Prov 30:10-30:10)

Four types of sinners (Prov 30:11-30:14)


 VII. The Numerical Proverbs

The leech (Prov 30:15-30:16)

Your eyes (Prov 30:17-30:17)

Understanding (Prov 30:18-30:19)

Adultery (Prov 30:20-30:20)

Slaves, fools, and unloved wives (Prov 30:21-30:23)

Four small animals (Prov 30:24-30:28)

The stately strides (Prov 30:29-30:31)

Self discipline (Prov 30:32-30:33)


 VIII. The Words of Lemuel

Lemuel (Prov 31:1-31:1)

Be careful my son (Prov 31:2-31:3)

Strong drinks (Prov 31:4-31:7)

Speak out (Prov 31:8-31:9)


 IX. Acrostic Poem about the Perfect Woman,

The good wife (Prov 31:10-31:12)

The good wife provides food (Prov 31:13-31:15)

The good wife works hard (Prov 31:16-31:19)

Clothing for the family (Prov 31:20-31:23)

Hard working wife (Prov 31:24-31:25)

Praise for the perfect wife (Prov 31:26-31:27)

Fear Yahweh (Prov 31:28-31:31