I.                              Opening address

Paul and Timothy (Philemon 1:1)

Apphia and Archippus (Philemon 1:2)

Grace and peace to you (Philemon 1:3)


II.                          Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving (Philemon 1:4)

I hear of your love and faith (Philemon 1:5)

Effective faith (Philemon 1:6)

Joy and encouragement (Philemon 1:7)

III.                      Request of a favor

Do your duty! (Philemon 1:8)

I am an old man (Philemon 1:9)

I appeal to you (Philemon 1:10)

Onesimus is now useful (Philemon 1:11)

I am sending him back to you (Philemon 1:12)

I want to keep him (Philemon 1:13)

Onesimus was separated from you (Philemon 1:15)

A beloved brother (Philemon 1:16)

Welcome Onesimus! (Philemon 1:17)

Charge my account (Philemon 1:18)

I am writing this (Philemon 1:19)

Can I have this benefit? (Philemon 1:20)

You will do what I say (Philemon 1:21)



IV.                      Greetings

Prepare a guest room! (Philemon 1:22)

Epaphras (Philemon 1:23)

Greetings (Philemon 1:24)

Grace be with you (Philemon 1:25)